Whatever your requirement, we know how to meet it

Caffitaly, your business partner

In a competitive world, we strive to make a difference as professionals; that is why, we pay attention to quality and every single detail. We are proud to offer excellent coffee & hot beverages to your customers or your employees.

We put at your disposal a complete range of machines and capsules, designed to offer the best solutions.


What makes our machines fit into your business?
The advanced technology and ease of use, combined with contemporary design that characterizes them. Our range of Caffitaly Machines have the solution to all your hot beverage drinks. With one simple gesture, you can prepare great espresso and coffee in addition to numerous hot tasty drinks.

OFFICES & ENTERPRISESCaffitaly-capsule-proffesional

Just ask our Coffee specialists regarding what solution fits your office hot beverage needs. Caffitaly is the ideal Coffee Solution to accompany you throughout the most intense and enjoyable times of the day and during your breaks with colleagues and employees.

It is for this reason that with its simple & functional system, Caffitaly proposes several machines ideal for your office setting, like: the SO5, S11 Nautilus and Caffitaly S06 which are of contemporary design and technology to fit your office.

To get winning results, you need a cohesive, on alert and motivated team. Caffitaly is a perfect teammate, always able to offer excellent products to employees and customers. The attractive style of our machines gives your offices, meeting rooms and reception a touch of class and modernity.


We know that you care about your customers and work to ensure them, day after day, a coffee brewed to perfection.
We fully agree with your goal and for this we have designed professional coffee machines that allow you to always satisfy your customers.

Caffitaly System Machines can be installed at your premises, offices, enterprises and business locations for free. Please fill the form below and we will get back to you immediately.

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