Voted as the best Italian coffee of Brazil,
Caffitaly & its partner “Tres Coracoes” have been granted
“the best single serve coffee” award
pertaining to ‘excellence of coffee in a capsule’.

Press release:
The award was presented by the well-recognized GO’WHERE Luxo, Gastronomy & Lifestyle magazine after five of the most important players in the coffee market in Brazil were invited to participate. The magazine has compared the integrated systems, machine + capsules, of five of the most important players in the Brazilian capsule coffee market.

After a thorough series of tests & evaluations of the contenders, mainly Dolce Gusto, Delta , Illy , Nespresso and Tres Coracoes (Caffitaly System) that assessed various aspects of the products, the conclusion was especially rewarding for Caffitaly System and for their local partner Tres Coracoes: “Among the top coffee producer of every variety” – writes GO’WHERE – “the Caffitaly System capsules have beaten all unanimously” and yet the magazine points out that experts tasters praised the amount of coffee in the capsule, the good balance between body, aroma, acidity and flavor, achieved with excellence from the two samples of capsule coffee. The two types of coffee in capsules examined in the tests were the Mogiana Paulista and Espresso Ameno.”

Leonardo Franco, of Caffitaly, said: “The recognition of GO ‘Where magazine makes the Italian Caffitaly System very proud, because the recognition comes from Brazil, the country’s largest producer and exporter of coffee in the world. An award that recognizes the quality of our machine system/capsule, enjoyed every day by over six million consumers in more than 70 countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America and Latin America”- and continues -” This award is a recognition that encourages us to continue on the path of research and development of more and more advanced solutions to offer our customers the highest quality in the cup.”

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