How Coffee Might Help Slow Down The Aging Process

Posted by Caffitaliano on  January 18, 2017
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It’s inevitable — we’re all aging. But a new study says that a cup of joe may help slow the process. We always have this doubtful question “Is coffee bad for us?“; well, researchers nowadays and more than ever are in more agreement that the answer to this question is a “no”. A recent study published in the journal Nature Medicine stated that: older people with low levels of inflammation — which drives many, if

Affogato Recipe

Posted by Caffitaliano on  December 2, 2016
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Such a refreshing and bold drink! Ingredients & Directions: Place 2 small scoops of ice cream in a coffee cup; we suggest you use coffee, chocolate or vanilla flavors. Then simply pour in a shot of espresso. Suggested: Intenso or Vigoroso capsules Optional for decoration: You can top it with shaved dark chocolate and chopped hazelnuts.
Coffee has always been a great source of inspiration. Composer Johann S. Bach liked it so much that he decided to compose a cantata dedicated to coffee: Listen to the Kaffeekantate! Symphonically Good with a Caffitaly coffee Bach Cantata Translations BWV 211 – “Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht” Kaffeekantate [Coffee Cantata] 1. Recitative T Be quiet, do not chat, And listen to what happens now: Here comes Mr. Schlendrian with his daughter Liesgen, He grumbles like
Say hello to Josephus Daniels, former secretary of the US Navy and namesake of the proverbial cup of joe. Joe is, of course, short for Joseph. And in American English, “joe” can refer to an average guy, a soldier, or—somewhat strangely—coffee. As it turns out, the use of joe as slang for coffee dates to the World War I era. It was then that Daniels, who started his career as a newspaper publisher in North

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