1. According to legend, Ethiopian shepherds discovered coffee around 800AD
after seeing goats dancing merrily after eating coffee beans.

2. Brazil produces the most coffee in the world, followed by Vietnam, Colombia
and Indonesia.

3. Instant coffee was first seen in England in 1771 but it was not mass-produced
until it appeared, and was patented, in the USA in 1910.

4. In 1674 a Women’s Petition Against Coffee was printed in London.

5. It argued against the “grand inconveniences” accruing to women
“from the excessive use of that drying, enfeebling liquor” making men impotent.

6. The most expensive coffee is Kopi Luwak, made from beans eaten
and excreted by civet cats.

7. The British drink about 95 million cups of coffee a day.
The top coffee-drinking nation is Finland.

8. It takes 42 coffee beans to make an espresso.
Beethoven liked his coffee made with 60 beans.

9. JS Bach wrote a comic Coffee Cantata in praise of the joys of the drink.

10. If you buy an espresso machine for 200$ and had 1 coffee every day,
you would break even in 81.63 days….

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